Friday, October 31, 2008

So Beautiful...

God my fingers burn,
Now when I think of touching your hair
You have changed so much that I don't know,
If I can call you and tell you I care
And I would love to bring you down,
Plant your feet back on the ground

You think you're so beautiful

-Pete Murray, So Beautiful-

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So there.

Reasons why I shouldn't be writing this post:

1. My research chapters 1, 2 and 3 have yet to be ammended

2. I still have my Family Counselling final project to complete by tomorrow

3. My first paper is on thursday (and NOT friday like I thought earlier. Bodoh, Zurin, Bodoh. You need to get your memory checked. Or at least your attention span.) and I haven't started revising AT ALL

4. I need to start planning the trip we're having (although no one seems to be up for it anymore)

5. I am super super busy.

Reasons why I AM writing this post.

1. I really have no idea how to redraft those chapters and frankly speaking, I have no mood to do so

2. Since the research paper is top priority, I can't get started on my final project (eceh)

3. Since the research paper is top priprity and the final project is priority no.2, I can't start studying yet (alasan bongok)

4. No one seems to be up for the trip anymore

5. I don't WANT to be super busy. It means I don't get enough sleep and I stuff my face because I work my brain all day and I get hungry really really fast.


GOD, I'll be glad when this is OVER.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


If you're even thinking about hurting any one of my family members, think again.
Because if you ever do, I promise, you won't get away with it as easily as you think you can. I don't care how creepy this sounds, but you won't get away with it. I'll get to you before KARMA does.

Max Payne: The Movie

1. I'm not really a gamer but I watch my husband pay sometimes, and really don't think that's the way the story goes.

2. If you're looking for a lot of actions, guns and bullet time, you'll be disappointed because there's like, probably one of each.

3. Bad guy 1: Let's just shoot him now!
Bad guy 2: No! We have to make it as complicated as possible! I know you want to shoot him and dump him in the lake/sea/river/whatever, but that's not the way! first, you're gonna cuff him. ok? done? alright. I'm gonna spout some confession stuff and make him really mad now. Hey dude, i killed your wife and kid! yeah, i did i did. (Max gets really mad)
Bad guy 1: Wtf are you doing? Let me shoot him!
Bad guy 2: Not yet. Okay, now I'm gonna put two vials of the drug that makes soldiers really powerful and makes them feel invincible in battle. (to Max) haha! I'm gonna throw you in the river and people are gonna think you're a druggie who committed suicide! haha! ... Okay, next step, I'm gonna carry this heavy thingy over. Hey, bad guy 1, bring that rope over will y-... agghh! Oh no! Max beat the shit out of us even with the handcuffs cuz I made him mad and he jumped into the river/lake/sea/whatever! Oh, don't worry. It's really cold. He'll freeze to death! He won't suddenly get the will to live after almost dying and swim out and drink the vials and get powerful and try to take revenge on me or anything.... (which makes sense, but logic doesn't really count in the movie)

4. The whole "supernatural" angels with wings bla bla bla stuff is total bs.

5. the coolest part in the movie was after all the "action" was over and they showed a montage of guns and bullets and stuff. Seriously.

I know Iezu warned us and all, but I was too curious about it, and frankly speaking, so was my husband since he plays the game. But here I am, telling you right now, the movie is NOT worth it.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Gambar pagi raya haritu.

-Edited with

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Half of my thesis got rejected and I have yet to do the other half since I've been swamped with other assignments. Does that mean that

a) My thesis is 0% complete; and
b) That I'm quite dead?

I think so lah.

*post orang dah nak dapat nervous break down.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


*Taken from (The Customer is) Not Always Right

Entropy Strikes Again
Movie Theater | Illinois, USA

(A woman came up to the concession counter with a tub of popcorn.)

Me: “Yes, can I help you?”


Me: “It is? That’s weird, it shouldn’t be. I just made several batches, so I can get you another one.”

(The popcorn was ice cold, which was odd considering it usually stayed warm for a few hours.)

Me: “Just wondering, when did you buy this popcorn?”

Woman: “Yesterday.”

Me: “…”

LOL. I stumbled upon this website yesterday and it's FUNNY.

Anyway, I read the entry above and remembered that my sister's boyfriend, who works with the Ministry of Health once told me that a disgruntled customer sent in a complaint about a food product that was full of mould. Upon questioning, he admitted that he bought it 2 years ago and that it had been in the freezer ever since. *sigh*.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Some people say...

... that it's easier to work with strangers than it is with friends...
To my surprise, I now agree with the statement.


Know how some people always say that love and hate are on two sides of the same coin?
Well, guess what.... they're on the same t-shirt. :p hehe

Silalah click.

Click here to see blog orang BONGOK.

How would you like it if I called your people Idiotsial? Mesti sakit ati, tak suka kan?

You know what though? I'm not going to, because I know there are a lot of decent people there that probably don't share your idiot sentiments. I know enough not to overgeneralize and kutuk bangsa orang sesuka hati.

So just enjoy your 15 seconds of infamy. Because I'm sure to you, any attention is good attention right?

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I know I've been bitching a lot lately, I guess I'm either surrounded by idiots or I'm too intolerant. Here comes another session:

1. Just because someone mentions the word 'malay' or 'islam' does not mean they're racist. So before you place your judgment on them and start screaming out or whispering out loud to someone who's not interested, the word 'racist', rethink. It's probably better that you keep your big mouth shut and duduk diam2.

2. Do you even know the meaning of respect? When someone is giving a speech/conducting a meeting up front, boleh tak DIAM? Ni tak. borak2 macam orang tu invisible, pastu bila kena sound siap nak buat muka2 stress pehal? You're the one who doesn't know how to respect the person in front. Agaknya sebab tu la masa ko practicum students tannak dengar when you're teaching kan?

3. And when you haven't even been listening to someone's hard-prepared speech, what gives you the right to evaluate them as badly as you can? Takkan la it's wrong for someone to lean more towards talking about religion in their speech? To me, it's fine, as long as he's not biased or memerli menyakitkan hati, but you don't know that, do you? Because you were busy BITCHING kat belakang and menyakitkan hati semua orang around you. Am I right?

4.And who are you to talk anyway? You've been biased towards people just because of little flaws they have. Come on la. Kita semua humans ok? I always try to remember that no matter how badly a person behaves. We all make mistakes, we're all not perfect. I really don't find it necessary for anyone to make fun of someone incessantly and repeatedly just because they're fat/too thin/whatever flaws lah. Macamla ko tu hensem sangat. Just because ramai orang nak kat kau, tak semestinya kau good-looking dalam luar ok? Kalau camni perangai tak tau la kenapa pompuan tu nak kat kau sebenarnye.

5. Boleh tak jangan sakitkan hati orang? Your jokes are NOT FUNNY. If people fail to laugh, then take a hint and stop insisting on people to listen to what you have to say. Ni tak. Suka critique orang, tapi tanak pulak yang membina, kutuk je lebih. Depan2 pulak tu. Get a life la tolong sikit.

6. Jangan main cakap orang tu orang ni kaya plis. Kalau ye pon bukan diorang yang kaya. mak bapak/husband/wife/atok/nenek/pakcik/makcik diorang yang banyak duit, bukan duit diorang pon. If ye pon memang duit diorang, and diorang dapat cara halal, with hard work and strife, apa ko nak sibuk tension2 perli2? Eleh, macam aku tak tau ko beli videocam baru, kereta proton baru, semua duit mak bapak ko kan? Kereta proton tu siap tukar rim, tuka upholstery, takde pon orang nak perli2 kau. Orang diam je, because we all know it's your rezeki. Jangan la nak dengki2 sampai question orang tu orang ni "Ko boleh ke makan kat sini? Ye la, mamak je kan?" tak ke tercekik minah depan ko tu? bodoh.

7. Dahla tu. stop being so fake. We all know what you're really like, cuma taknak cakap je takut it'll affect your studies. See? You've been such an arse, but people are still thinking of your studies. Sedar diri sikit, please.

Ish. tak suka geram2 camni but when people act like idiots, and there's no way to tell them, because it might affect them badly, then this seems to be the only option of letting out whatever stress there is.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


As I stood at that hall that we've used countless times for events, organizing my own, I realised how apt it was that we're spending what was supposed to be 3 days turned to 2 in a hall that we spent our very first week in.
I spoke at the podium for the first and the last time, and I looked at these familiar faces, the ones I saw practically every day for four years and it hit me that in a few short weeks time, I won't being seeing them anymore.
A rush of sadness actually flooded through me because soon, I'm gonna have to let go of the familiarity that I've felt everyday. Of walking past the guardhouse, hoping that my dressing won't offend the pakciks and makciks stationed there, of joining a group of friends or acquaintances at the TESL Square as I wait for class to start.
Funnily enough, it wasn't only the thought of not seeing friends everyday anymore, it was actually the thought of not seeing every single person I've been used to seeing that made me sad.
I'm not gonna lie and say that I'm peachy keen with every single person I know. I realise that some friendships may be lost and can never be recovered. Dah memang takde jodoh nak berkawan, kan. Some have stayed really strong from part one till now and will hopefully go on afterwards. Some friendships I made in the middle of my course of study. Some people I just got to know during my last semester and wish that I had gotten to know sooner.
We've been through 4 years, some of pure torture, but we got through them in the end, and I know many, like me, are struggling with deadlines, escpecially AE right now, but guess what, we'll get through that too, InsyaAllah.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

In love...

With munchkin cats... They're so cute, kaki pendek and chubby2... I want one!

btw, picture is courtesy of Lolcats

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Being Married

It's been 10 months, going on 11, yet it still feels new. I find out new things about him everyday, and in the process, I'm also getting to know myself a little better. It's weird how I kept saying that I didn't need anyone to define who I am, but being married to someone who is able to complement me, it seems that I've only just started discovering who I am.

Little by little, I've learned things and changed my priorities. Some things that I never thought I would be, I now am, and things that I thought would happen to me somehow never came up. At least, not yet, anyway. I take the bad in with the good. Our lives are not perfect. We have arguments, and I have my moments of idiocy, but I find that having someone understand me, or at least try so hard to do so is something that's so refreshing and wonderful.

Sometimes, insecurities come out, and things that used to be alright while we were dating is suddenly not alright anymore. Alhamdulillah, though, we've both been able to adapt to the changes so far without much of a struggle.

People say that the first year of marriage is one of the toughest. It's been a breeze, so far, but it might be because we're lucky. You see, both of us are still studying and we rely on support from our parents. At the end of this year, we will be graduating, closing one chapter in our lives and opening a new one, which I predict will be full of challenges, for the both of us. I suppose we'll see then, if this really is as easy as it seems to be, when our responsibilities to other things besides each other come crashing down.

Then we'll know how strong we really are.
I mentioned foul-weathered friends the other day. Now let's talk about fair-weathered ones. Kelakar kan? Manusia ni macam2 jenis ada. Most, though, come flocking because you've got things you can give them and leave when they no longer need those things/ when you no longer have the means to provide them.

I used to get lots of text messages from this one person.

Person: Zurin, ko buat apa?

Me: Takde pape. nape?

Person : Takde, aku ingat nak ajak g (insert destination)

Me: (ever willing to lepak with a friend) ok, boleh je. Aku free harini. Bila nak g?

Person: Jap g lah, aku mandi jap, pastu kita g. KO DAH SAMPAI KO MSG AKU EK?

Aku ni mati2 la ingat dia ikhlas nak ajak keluar. rupe2nya nak beli beg/barang makanan/baju/whatever. pastu dah. terus balik.

Or on the way home from sending,

Person: Zurin, ko lepas ni buat apa?

Me: Takde pape. (yes, I didn't have a life back then. I had just broken up with my ex-boyfriend and I wasn't inclined to go out that much)

Person: Aku ngan Ms X nak g (insert local shopping mall here). Jom arr..


Aku ingat nak mintak ko hantar gi (insert whatever)

isk. Back then, I didn't mind. Tak suka la berkira2 with friends, so I helped whenever I could, thinking this person really was a friend.


I stopped driving. All calls/text messages/invites stopped. Completely.

Tak tau la apa species orang dia ni kan, but I remember how she used to ask for all kinds of things, like notes and stuff, but when it came to favours I asked from her, it seemed SO difficult to do. Kalau tolong pon with muka masam and tak ikhlas sampai finally, I decided not to ask for help from her anymore since doing favours seemed really difficult from her compared to ASKING FOR THEM.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You left me wondering if I even got through to you.

It's like everything I said that day just fell on blind ears.
Does your conscience only last a day when it comes to me?

Monday, October 13, 2008


I just found out how to autopublish. So this is an autopublished entry. :p doing this for fun.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A very funny story...

I was talking to a friend of mine today and I found out that around the time that I was getting married, someone had gone up to this friend and asked him, "Kenapa Epol and Zurin nak kawen ek? Did something happen?" (implying that I was pregnant out of wedlock, to blurr people out there)
This friend, being one of our best friends, of course, got pissed off and replied negatively and a fight ensued because she was just SO convinced that SOMETHING had happened. Kelakar la.

Ni la, mentality typical melayu kan? Suka nak prasangka buruk kat orang.
FYI for anyone who ever thought that something fishy was going on, let me clarify:

I got married because I was (and still is) in love with a great person who loves me sincerely for who I am, bad or good.

Even though a small part of getting hitched was due to the fact that I spent a lot of time with him and in my religion, it is stated as so that if two people spend that much time with each other, it's better to get married if they have the means to support each other monetarily, mentally, spiritually and physically, I got married simply BECAUSE I WANTED TO.

So, retards, seeing that I've been married for 10 months and MIRACULOUSLY (since some people were apparently adamant about me being pregnant) no babies have popped up, I went through my practicum without any hitches and I did not have to take ANY time off to hide any aby bumps, I think you can conclude that no, I didn't get married to cover any misdeeds that I got myself into.

Also, before I hear people saying stuff like "Dia tu mandul ke, 10 bulan takde anak lagi?" I'd like to state that we CHOOSE not to have babies yet simply because we cannot afford to take care of one. We are neither physically, economically, or mentally prepared.

So before you judge me, please look in the mirror and improve yourself first. thank you.


I wanted to post something that happened recently tapi macam malas nak cerita panjang2.
The thing is, bila orang tak sedar diri and refuse to sedarkan diri, who am I to want to shake them until they wake up or at least tampar so that they get a shock of their lives kan? Tapi to me, kalau nak buat2 tak sedar2 camtu pon, cukupla sekadar susahkan diri sendiri and pihak lagi satu yang tak sedar diri jugak tu.
Janganla menyusahkan orang lain! Wake up and smell the crap you've been flinging around, PLSKTHXBAI.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


As I was blog-hopping today, I came across this blog of a woman who had lost her child two years ago. The baby was sick with some disease that didn't seem curable and the parents were faced with the devastating decision of keeping her intubated or letting nature run its course. I suppose, unable to take the sight of their baby going through so much pain, they decided on the latter.

Her husband's account of the baby's passing was overwhelming and I couldn't help but shed a tear for this little family's pain.

Imagine becoming a mother and not being able to bathe your baby girl until the day she has passed on just because she's been sick and intubated since birth.

Imagine watching your precious little bundle sick and almost constantly in pain throughout her short 150 days of life.

I admire this family's courage and strength in the way they handled their crisis and I can only hope that if I was ever faced with something equally devastating, I'd be just as strong.

I'm thankful, everyday for what I have, my loving family, my husband, those friends who've stuck by me through thick and thin.

To Viruspadu and family, I wish you all well and I'm very sure your little angel is watching out for all of you from heaven. Al-Fatihah.

Simply Breakfast

I'm gonna seem like such a pig after this entry...
But as I was blog-hopping, I came across this blog: Simply Breakfast: The Art Of Breakfast, and I thought it was brilliant, cause I've always loved breakfast food... (actually, I love any kind of food, but that's beside the point)

When I grew up, I used to stay over at my friends' houses a lot, especially when we had some sort of special event during the night or early morning after. I found that they always had scrumptious breakfasts. I mean, yeah, breakfast at home was great too, but how much of roti canai, nasi lemak, mi goreng and its like, pulut, etc. can one take? After a while, you kinda start searching for more, and more I got, whenever I slept over at someone's place.

I loved the different kinds of cereals, the ones I didn't have at home, the sausages and eggs cooked in all kinds of ways, the grilled tomatoes and pancakes and... the list goes on.

Until now, I look forward to buffet breakfasts at hotels whenever I go for holidays, even though I make these kinds of breakfasts at home. It just seems way yummier when someone else makes them, I suppose...

So breakfast freaks, click on the picture above, or the link, feast your eyes and start drooling.. ;p

p/s: the picture is courtesy of Simply Breakfast. It's not mine.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Food List

People usually do this during Puasa, but for some reason, I suddenly have all these cravings...

1. Spaghetti Aglio Olio
I went to Dome's the other day but for some reason, the branch in BSC axed their Spicy Olio Pasta off the menu so BOO to you, Dome's BSC! My husband's supposed to cook it for me this weekend. He makes amazing Aglio Olio.

2. Famous Amos cookies
Pecan nut chocolate chip. Yum.

3. Lasagne

4. Spagetti Bolognaise
Notice how there's a lot of Italian on this list? Yum. My husband makes good Bolognaise too. Mine's sedap jugak I suppose, tapi biasa je. His is like 'Whoa!"

5. Cranky Salmon Roll
From Rakuzen. Sedapp okay? It melts in your mouth...

6. Asam Laksa
This one comes and goes. If I have this craving, I need it NOW NOW NOW or else it won't be there the next day

7. Soto
This one is reaaallllly difficult to find. I mean, granted it's being sold everywhere, but trying to locate a decent one seems impossible. Nak kena nenek jugak buat kottt.
(When you google "soto pictures", you actually get pictures of some dude who's all beefed up and stuff. ugh.)

8. Any weird thing (sometimes multiples) at any given time. Ikut mood, ikut rasa and ikut whatever I've seen on tv/someone eating/pictures of. Lol.

Lapar dah. Esok puasa enam!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

How can I resist you?

I watched this movie the first day it came out, actually, but I was a bit lazy then...
But gosh, I loved it! I mean, although I didn't live during the whole ABBA period, I do remember growing up to songs like "Dancing Queen" and "Mamma Mia" since my mother loved them. I just felt like singing along the whole way through and is it just me or is AMANDA SEYFRIED simple ADORABLE??????