Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Monday, December 29, 2008


I have a job interview tomorrow.

I pray that I get it, because it seems to be a position that will give me VERY valuable experience for what I plan to do with my life.

So dear friends, if you're reading this, please help me doa that I will be the one considered for the job and outshine the other 4 who were called for the interview.

Wish me luck!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Highway Code

I found out recently that there is apparently something called "The Highway Code". Now, I find this very interesting because it is a contrast of good and bad for me and I just cannot decide which one rules over which.

Here's how it goes:

If you're driving along the highway, and a car which is going the other way starts flashing their headlights even though there is no car in front of them (signaling that they want to overtake and that the car in front should move out of the way), then odds are there is a roadblock ahead.

On the way back from out trip, there was this one car flashing on the other side of the road. I asked my husband why the driver was flashing when there was absolutely no one in front of him, and my husband explained the code to me.

Cars around us started to slow down, very obviously. After 5 minutes of driving, there was nothing, so the skeptical me wondered if there really was such a thing. Yet, the cars around us all remained at 110. After about 10 minutes, we finally saw the signs: a traffic jam, followed by people in white uniforms standing around with clipboards. So there really WAS a roadblock and the guy was apparently trying to warn us.

Now, I know the first thing that would come to people's minds is the fact that doing this just encourages those dangerous drivers out there, who recklessly do whatever they want on the road on whatever speeds they choose.

On the other hand, I think there's just something sweet about these selfish (if you're a Malaysian driver, you know what I mean) drivers helping some stranger out when normally, they would just cut you off on the road and refuse to let you cut in no matter how long you've been signaling. There's just something cute and utterly ironic about the code, and I can't help but smile at what a contrast it makes in my mind...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Gajah Sama Gajah Bergaduh, Pelanduk Mati Di Tengah-Tengah

Ever gotten totally stuck in the middle of something you really don't want to be stuck in? Well, apparently, I am right now. And not just stuck in one situation, I'm stuck in multiples.

Things have been going quite well, except these things happen and I guess that's what life is all about. It takes the bad to balance out the good and I suppose it's what keeps us grounded.

But seriously, being stuck in the middle is not a good position to find yourself in. At all.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tasik Chenderoh

The first thing that will hit you is the contrast between the extremely well preserved, green landscape around you and the good condition of the road that you'll be travelling on. How can such a seemingly untouched destination have such a good road system? That's one magic of Tasik Chenderoh, or, better known to the locals as Tasik Raban, in the Lenggong district, Perak Darul Ridzuan.

The first night I spent there was in Tanjung Harapan Chalets. A small, locally-owned "resort" located on a little cape, which can only be reached by boat from a small jetty. The reason being, the land part of it is surrounded by the woods. The cape consists of simple A-huts, lined along the shores of the lake, surrounded by land which the owner's son described as a campground for those who wanted to rough it out.

The jetty parking was flooded when we got there!

Ok, I know this picture is funny, cuz the kid's head is missing, but that's the small little jetty which leads out to the lake, and where little children were jumping into the water from

Tanjung Harapan's jetty, also flooded

The kambing we made friends with

neatly lined A-huts. Half of them were flooded

Being a city gal who did not expect to be roughing ANYTHING out, I did not take to the simple conditions and the fact that outhouses had no running water.

The place was perfect for backpackers and people who were on adventures, but not for me, and apparently, not for one of my companions either. We left the next day, after a beautiful one hour boat ride around the lake.

My definition of a lake has always been a small body of water. That day, I discovered just how vast a "small" body of water can be. If I had driven the boat myself, I would have probably gotten us lost in the endless twists and turns, so fascinated was I with the beautiful landscape it provided, so amazed was I with just how big the lake was.

Moi. Please ignore muka tembam tak cukup tido tu

Pretty, pretty lilypads


Overall, our stay there (two A-Huts for one night at RM50 each, dinner and breakfast for three (RM50), an hour's boat trip (RM100) cost us RM250.

We almost gave up and went home, if my husband had not suggested the Tasik Raban Resort, which he had read about when we were researching the place. I was glad.

The well-kept landscape around the chalets

The little huts where one can enjoy the scenic view

The view from our room

The Tasik Raban Resort is a small resort manned by the Majlis Daerah Lenggong. It costs somewhere around 3.8 million. Money well-spent I would say. The resort consists of ten standard rooms for two at RM80 a night on weekdays and two family sized-rooms for four (chalet with two bedrooms and a living room) for only RM150 a night! The rooms are complete, with aircond, comfortable beds, water heater, coffee-making facilities (coffee not provided), sejadah, ironing board, a television set, towels, soap, and most importantly, a BIG balcony overlooking the beautiful, idyllic Raban Lake.

While food is not that easily found in the area, one can always rely on the Tasik Raban R&R, located off the main road, right across the lake from the Tasik Raban Resort. The stall on the utmost left, which is manned by two very nice women and a mamak serves delightful "roti canai". The best part is, the one cooking the roti is not the mamak, but the makcik! The roti canai is made just right, light and fluffy and slightly crunchy. Those with big appetites will not be able to stop at just one helping.

In the mornings, the stall also serves nasi lemak. It is generously proportioned, with a helping of rendang, sambal ikan bilis, cucumbers and half an egg. And guess what? If you order a "nasi lemak telur mata", they don't charge you extra for the egg. In KL, normally, nasi lemak like that would cost around 3.50 - 4.00 per plate. One morning, on my more recent trip, we ordered:

3 nasi lemak telur mata
1 nasi lemak biasa
2 milo ais
1 teh ais
i kopi panas

Guess how much it all amounted to?

in KL:

Nasi Lemak: 3.00
Nasi lemak telur mata: 4.00
milo ais: 1.80
teh ais: 1.80
kopi panas: 1.40

almost RM20 right?

They charged us RM14.50
A meal for two in KL = A meal for four in Perak.

The best part was, that morning, my husband's kopi panas was bitter, so he only drank half of it. When we came again that night, the woman came to our table and apologised for the kopi. Apparently, they had noticed that it was only half-touched, so they tested it and discovered that it was too bitter. So not only is the food cheap and good, the service is personalised as well!

During lunch, for a change of taste, we would hop over to the Medan Ikan Bakar, just a short drive away on the main road. Only open during lunch, it serves really good ikan bakar, marinated in some sauce, served with kuah asam. The fish is reared and really fresh. A typical meal there, with each of us taking white rice and other lauk, plus the ikan bakar and the drinks usually cost around RM30++, for four. Some might think that it's expensive. Trust me, it's not. Ikan bakar, white rice and individual lauk for four people, RM30 is really cheap compared to the exhorbitant prices we have to pay in KL for fresh fish.

But enough about food. What does one do in Tasik Chenderoh?

Well, for those adventurous types, there's always hiking at the Lata Kekabu, a waterfall, in which you have to hike a ways up in order to reach the main waterfall. After hiking, cool yourselves by plunging into the waters. You can also go spelunking at the caves.

Beautiful Lata Kekabu

For those who would prefer a laid-back holiday, there's always fishing. You can rent a boat for the day for a mere RM80 at the R&R. Or you could visit the Lenggong Archeology Museum. Or swim in the lake. Or just have a picnic by the waterfall. But please remember to bring a plastic bag and throw your rubbish responsibly.

I never thought of Perak as much of a holiday destination, but being there, seeing all this, I came to appreciate what we have here in Malaysia a little bit more. From cheap, good food, comfortable resting places, adventurous hikes and campgrounds, it seems that Tasik Chenderoh has got it all. If you can bear to leave the internet just for a few days, it's definitely worth the 3 hour (if you're from KL) journey to Perak.

Soon to come when I get less lazy: pictures.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Of Results, Decisions and the Future

Lately, a lot of good things seem to be coming to me. I am caught in a bubble of excitement and happiness and satisfaction, and yet in a way, it's making me even more confused about my choices in life.

I know I've blogged about this before, but now that I know i might be able to get somewhere, there seems to be so many places to go to. And ALL of them appeal to me and I realise that I just cannot afford to make the wrong decision right now.

Suddenly, the complications of life is rushing towards me in a manner that makes me feel as if I'm about to get hit by a really large bus. And I still have no idea what to do. The choices and opportunities I have are massive and yet I have to choose very carefully or I risk taking the wrong step and botching my life up.

It's easy for other people to give me advice:

Be a lecturer. It's easy. You get good pay and when the students are on leave, you get leave too.

Bear in mind that the people saying this aren't lecturers. Also, this isn't my first choice, since I really have no intention of teaching despite the course I took. As someone once said "For most people, the degree is just a way for them to get a job"

Continue your studies! This way, you don't lose your momentum. And it's WAAAYYY easier to get financial support, especially with your results. You can lobby for a scholarship

I WANT to do this. Only one problem. I'm slightly tired of studying. Really.

Work first. You can always continue later. If you continue now then you won't have the experience you need to do your dissertation. Also, your perceptions will have changed and it will be easier for you


See, I have a plan. Sorta. But when I tell someone (read: a person who thinks they have WAY more experience and knowledge than I do and is superior in every way) I can see their reactions. They work hard to maintain their politeness when they ask me the question "Why?" And honestly, I see the way they struggle to understand my reasons and I can practically FEEL them chucking it out of their minds just the way they do with trash.

And then, disregarding everything I've just said, they give their reasons (the bold words above) as to why I SHOULD continue my studies/work/be a lecturer NOW NOW NOW.

Dearest Makcik/Pakcik/Aunty/Uncle:

I appreciate your advice, I really do. But right now I am confused. And I know you're just trying to make me un-confused, but really, you're not. Somehow, I feel this expectation put upon my humble shoulders and that should I pursue a course different to the one that you've recommended, then I will somehow or other disappoint and hurt you. I don't intend to, please bear that in mind. I just want to do this for myself, not for you or any other person. I want to chart my own course in life and I want to be happy doing it, and if I try to please all of you, I doubt I will be.

So I will take your advice into careful consideration and decide for myself what is right and what it wrong, and always know that whatever I choose for myself, I CHOSE IT. No one else. And with that, I will bear all responsibilities and consequences as results of my actions.

Thank you.

So, time to close my eyes and take a HUGE leap of faith. Wish me luck.

Gastronomic Delight?

I was reading through I Do Things So You Don't Have To (refer to my bloglist, I'm feeling a little bit lazy) and came across the term Geoduck, pronounced as Gooey Duck. Now, contrary to what I thought when I first came across the term, it is not a duck, nor is it gooey, it's some kind of sea creature that people eat, apparently.

Now, the name sounds slightly weird, so I decided to click on the link that the author provided, which I'm providing here also. CLICK!

Doesn't it remind you of something? Heh.

On a WAAAYYY different note, results are out!
I'm happy.
And more confused than ever now.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Choose Wisely

Sometimes, I don't understand men. I'm married to one, yes, obviously, but I'd have to say that he's not very typical. I understand him better than I do most other men and yet there are still some thing about him that my simpleton mind is unable to grasp. Like how he insists on chucking all his dirty laundry on the floor. Or how he can spend hours and hours in front of the computer/laptop (yes, he has both) playing a game or reading comics without getting hungry or tired or sleepy.

Regardless of this, I am still very thankful for the fact that I have him and no one else (I am talking as if other people would actually want me.LOL) simply for the fact that he is a MAN. Not a boy.

Here are the differences between men and boys.

1. A MAN breaks up with you when he no longer thinks the relationship is working. A BOY simply disappears and makes excuses while he leaves you hanging.

I've witnessed this countless of times before. People, if you don't want her anymore, then let her go. Don;t leave her there wondering what's going on, if the relationship is still going strong and if so, why you don't seem to want to contact her. It's just distasteful. Set her free so that she can find a new life and hopefully, someone MUCH better than you who actually treats her like a human being.

And girls, please. If the boyfriend refuses to grow some balls and make some decisions, you HAVE to do it. Give him an ultimatum. Buck up or get out. Pure and simple. I'm a girl too. I realise how difficult it is to let go of someone you (think?) you love but sometimes, you have to be selfish and think "I am better than that. I'm better than him".

2. A MAN treats you like a woman should be treated. A BOY treats you like a toy/pet.

This is, in theory, not a very difficult concept to grasp but people seem to have problems with it anyway. It's simple: If he calls you only when he's bored, takes you out only when it suits him, talk to you only when there's absolutely no one else to talk to, he's a boy.

Retreat slowly, and when he's not looking, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.

3. A MAN puts you at the top of his list of priorities. Expect to be way below on a Boy's. His friends WILL come first.

True story. This one guy I know treats us (his friends) like queens/kings. He's nice, approachable, always there for us, is concerned to the point of being slightly ridiculous. Basically, he's someone who I KNOW would wake up at 3 AM, get out of bed and come to my rescue if I called him in distress.

And yet, when he's with his girlfriend, he's so different it's mind boggling. The way he looks at her, the way he treats her, the way he TALKS to her. It's like she's the most unimportant thing in his life.

How do I put this BOY in the same league as the person I know? I don't. There's FRIEND and there's BOY. They're two totally different entities that share the same body to me.

4. A MAN reassures you when you're being insecure and paranoid. A BOY just gets offended and snaps your head off.

It's real simple. Everyone has their insecurities. If you're matured enough to understand that you'll deal with it tastefully instead of losing your head and being a delinquent about it.

All a woman needs is reassurance that she's still the most important person in your life and that you have eyes only for her. No need to accuse her to not trusting you, or of being clingy (unless she really is).

5. A MAN stays true. A BOY cheats.

Boys will have many excuses for this, ranging from "I was never happy!" to "I'm bored" to "menyampah" to "They each have what the other doesn't. I can't let go, I love them both"

Girls, if you're in a realtionship with a BOY, reconsider, PLEASE. It's not worth it. Really.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

How it Feels to be a T-Rex

My mother and sister recently joined a women's-only gym located in Kota Damansara, which is pretty cool since it's got a fixed routine which everybody goes through everytime they go there.

The benefit of joining this gym instead of the normal ones is that you get to do that particular fixed routine without having to enlist the help of a personal trainer. If you notice, with other gyms (unless you're really well-versed in the "art" of working out) people who cannot afford the luxury of trainers often wander around in a daze and finally settle on using the same machines over and over again, which isn't that conducive since they pretty much concentrate on one part of the body instead of spreading it out.

So this gym basically gives you a fixed, complete exercise routine instead of having to fork out extra for a personal trainer.

Since my mother got a new job, however, they haven't been going, so a few weeks ago mama decided that she'd pass her membership to me, which the gym agreed, for a small fee of RM150, since they'd have to test and appraise my weight and fat and water, etc.

So on friday, I happily went, paid the turnover fee and discovered that my weight is 35% fat! (the acceptable amount for someone my age is 25% and below, so you can imagine how horrified I was) and did the routine.

I got kinda stuck at one of those weight-lifting thingies. My arms were wobbly to begin with and after 3/4 lifts, I found out that I just couldn't do it anymore. Me, being stubborn and embarassed at how out-of-shape I was, decided tojust try harder and my body just ended up contorting in such a weird and dangerous way that I gave up after a few tries.

To make a long(er) story short, I woke up the next day and my arms were bent and I couldn't straighten them! They hurt like crazy everytime I try and I have to keep them in front of me.

I feel like a T-rex.

Friday, December 12, 2008

These blogs never fail to crack me up..

Yes. I know it's easier to just leave them on the links thingy at the side, but their more recent posts were really really funny...

Blog Anak Mat Nor and I Do Things So You Don't Have To

Check them out.

What I learnt this year...


1. That it is possible for blatant racism to outweigh years and years of friendship

2. That family loyalty can happen to an extent that people with 'high' credentials become idiots.

3. That selfishness knows no boundaries, and transcends familial bonds

4. That people fear and hate what they don't understand

5. That people only watch and judge from the outside without considering what goes in internally

6. That everybody can be hypocrites.

Including me.

7. That people you barely know and refuse to get to know may turn out to be surprisingly more supportive that people you've known for years

8. That people put greater things at stake just so they don't get embarassed

9. That someone may hate another person, but be exactly like them.

10. That you may wake up one day and realise that the person you've slept next to for decades isn't the person you think he/she is at all.


1. Upon arriving, we were horrified to find out that at least two walls were covered in tarp, still under construction

2. On the ground floor driveway, there were white boards covering a portion of the place, indicating that there were sections still not ready

3. After scrutinizing the windows/sliding doors from outside, it was obvious that a whole lot of rooms were still unfurnished, and seemingly incomplete

4. They had just laid down the welcome mats

5. There was no direct access to the carpark from the lift since they CLOSED IT DOWN due to construction

6. The carpark was glaringly under construction, with sounds of drills and hammering echoing through the lobby

7. Upon entering our room, about 5 minutes later, some guys knocked on the door claiming that they had wanted to DO SOME MAINTENANCE WORK ON THE ROOM and had no idea that guests had just checked in

8. A portion of the wall of the room was not painted properly yet

(The next few are mengada complaints on my part. They were due to circumstances, not the fault of the resort or the staff itself)

9. There was no balconey

10. There was no beach

11. I couldn't hear the waves! ALl I could hear from my window was drilling and the sound of the vent of the marina club downstairs

(back to proper compaints now)

12. When we tried to check out, they claimed that they could not refund our money because we had booked on fucking line.

13. they did NOTHING to compensate our dissatisfaction

14.They insisted we pay up the full amount.


15. When my mother in law called to yell at them, boleh la pulaakkkk refund our money. Macam mana tu?

My question is, my dear Avillion Admiral Cove administration

1. Why, oh, why did you not warn people on your website that YOU WERE NOT READY TO RECEIVE GUESTS?

2. Do you always pull con-jobs on your guests?

3. Oh, and by the way, I overheard a conversation one of your receptionists had with a potential guest who wanted to book a night there, I HEARD NO WARNINGS WHATSOEVER ABOUT THE INCOMPLETE STATE OF YOUR RESORT.

TOLONG LAH JAWAB, and spare me those "sorry sir, ma'am. There's abso-fucking-lutely nothing we can do. SO sorry so sorry so sorry". Those you can shove up your ass. ( I realise that these people won't have the time to read this but it makes me feel good ranting anyway)



1. Simply for being complete and NOT UNDER CONSTRUCTION
2. For not being pretentious
3. For not being fully booked
4. For having a balconey
5. For giving us a seaview room
6. From which I can hear the waves
7. For actually having a beach out back.

*On another note, I would like to state here the the AVILLION ADMIRAL COVE would probably be a really nice resort WHEN IT IS FINALLY OFFICIALLY COMPLETE. TAPII sebab they tried to pull one over us, I'd just like to recommend you NOT TO GO THERE. hmph. puas hati.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm off again!

I haven't even posted any pictures of Chenderoh yet and I'm off again. To PD. AGAIN! Lol.

Going to PD for the night to celebrate our 1st anniversary. A year really does whizz by huh?

Monday, December 1, 2008

After 4 years

Today, I said goodbye to a dear friend, whom I've known for four whole years.

We became friends even before I got to know my husband, and have stayed close for the whole of my duration in college. He was there for me when I was at my lowest, always knew when I felt sad and helped another person (who is also far away) pick me up during those times when I was down.

I know Kedah isn't that far away (compared to Paris, where the other dear friend is now forging a new life for herself), and that I can visit anytime I choose, but given my financial status right now, it seems just as distant. The way I felt while I said goodbye today wasn't at all different than the way I did when I sent off (figuratively speaking, I didn't really send her off at the airport) my friend who was bound for France. The sadness was the same, because although I know we'll be able to visit, and they will one day come back to KL, I realise that I won't be able to call them out whenever I please or laugh with them face to face whenever I feel down or miss them.

I know my posts have been quite jiwang lately. Do bear with me. I'm bound for change, something I've always had to adjust to quite slowly.

So anyway, to those two who helped pick me up those not so distant 2 1/2 years ago, let's not let these years of friendship stop at four yeah? I'd like you guys to see my future babies, and I'd like to see you get married (Kepah) and your first babies (both of you) and I'd love for our kids to be friends and play with each other. LOL.