Monday, October 10, 2011

Two-month old Hana

These are personal milestones. I don't quite like looking at the general milestone chart because I am told that every baby is different and I wholeheartedly agree with that!

She's started talking to us (in her own language of course!) And - many people don't seem believe this but - I do believe that she's made up her own words for my husband and I, and my sister who comes over to help me take care of her a lot. I was certain, at first that the sounds she made were random sounds, but it was too much of a coincidence that she would make different (but constant) sounds when having 'conversations' with us.

She's started paying attention to her environment. I think her eyesight range has improved. She can now lie down on her playmat that Epol's colleagues gave us and talk to the things hanging on the 'pillars'.

She's also started to try and imitate our facial expressions. Just this morning, she wanted her milk and was on the verge of crying. But when I smiled at her, she smiled back as if she couldn't resist. Then she gave a little grimace and attempted to cry again but then I called her name and smiled at her again and she smiled back. LOL. I can tell that when she looks at us and our facial expressions, she isn't just looking. Her little brain is actively working to figure out how we make those expressions

She mostly sleeps through the night. Her last feed will be around 11. 1 at the latest and depending on what time she does fall asleep, she'll wake up anytime between subuh to 9 o'clock.

She loves car rides. She seems to be fine with the carseat and sits there quietly, looking out at the scenery passing by. But if no one is sitting next to her, she will cry when the car stops, even for a few seconds at a traffic light.

And now she's very very manja! If the two of us aren't home or we leave her with one of her grandmothers to babysit, she will either 'cembeng' right before we leave or as soon as we get back and pick her up. But she doesn't make a fuss while she's with them, which is great. And when she's done with her cembeng and merajuk (only lasts a few minutes), she'll start giving the sweetest little smiles at whoever's holding her.

And so, I present to you my happy little tembam princess: