Monday, June 27, 2011

Girl or Boy: Does it Really Matter?

The news that I'm about to have a baby girl was a much welcomed one in my circle of immediate family. My father, particularly, mused over the fact that my baby girl was going to be the first daughter of a first daughter of a first daughter. Get it? What I mean is that my mother and I are also first daughters. Our moms and my sisters were really excited over all the cute dresses and accessories they could lavish the baby with. My husband and I, we were just excited to be having a baby at all, girl or boy.

So it surprised me, when, in this day and age, where everybody claims out loud to be equals, quite a few people seemed to receive the news of our baby girl quite badly.

One gave a little grimace of pity and said "Oh, it's ok. Having a girl is not that bad"

Another went a step further, saying "Oh! Sorry dude! You've got to try again!" to my husband.

A few other comments went along the same lines, but needless to say, I was shocked and appalled at every single one of them - which were all said to my face, which means that my baby could hear them as well.

These comments, which would already seem rude, callous and insensitive to anyone else seemed a hundred-fold to my over-sensitive, hormonal ears. What had my baby done to deserve any sort of notion that she would not be welcome, just because of her gender? And the best (or worse?) part of it? All of these commenters were WOMEN, who had firstborn daughters. So once I finished stewing over how rude they were (I couldn't show them my disgust, because they were older, more experienced, and most importantly, friends of our parents or even elder family members), I got to thinking - Were these people really unhappy about being women? And were they so disgruntled over giving birth to firstborn baby girls that they decided to take it out on my innocent girl?

So I came to the conclusion that I shouldn't be too upset over their less-than-intelligent quips. See, unlike them, I am happy that I was born a girl. I am happy with everything that comes in the package, bad or good. I am so happy with myself that I don't find the need to make others feel bad about themselves, just to make myself feel good.

I am happy that the important people in our lives - the moms and the dads, our sisters, and our best friends are all happy and welcoming towards our baby.
And most importantly, I LOVE the fact that the baby growing in me is a girl. Even if it had been a boy, I would've loved it just the same, because I am not about to discriminate my own flesh and blood, and at the end of the day, the baby is MINE and my husband's. She or he is a product of our marriage, love and respect for each other.

And we don't need people who would appear to still think like neanderthals to validate our happiness.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Week 30

My Updates:
I'm in my third trimester already. How time flies! Anyway, the growth of my belly has started to take a toll on my body, sebab my back hurts and I find it hard to sleep every night. Suggestions from my moms like sleeping on my side with pillows supporting my back and front doesn't seem to work, neither does elevating my feet.

My feet belum swell lagi, but it's too early to celebrate. We'll see in a few weeks.

I keep getting sharp pains on the bottom of my abdomen. When I asked my obgyn about it, he told me not to walk around so much, which is the total opposite of what everyone else has been telling me. Dia kata "Orang tua2 memang suka suruh jalan banyak2, but it's not necessary". Well, he's the expert kan? But the funny thing was, the first thing I did after that checkup was to go jalan2 with my sisters. Degil. LOL

The baby's updates:
The baby has grown tremendously. I read that the starting of the third trimester usually means that the baby's movements aren't all that vigorous anymore, since there's less space in the uterus. Tapi does my little princess know that? Of course not! She's moving even more vigorously than before, if that's even possible. Degil kot macam mommy dia. :P

I've also more or less been able to figure out her sleeping patterns. She sleeps after Subuh, and ONLY after Subuh! I wake up at around 6.15-6.30, at which point she's usually still active. Habis around 6.45, wake hubby up and baring2 while he gets ready. By the time he's ready to leave, she's sleepy and moving a lot less. I usually fall back asleep when my husband has left for work, around 7.30, and wake up around 9.30. That's the only time she sleeps. If this pattern continues after birth, habisla!

Anyway, this is what she's supposed to look like about now, which i think is so comel:

Picture taken from Babycenter

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Halal and Haram

Lately, there's been a slew of tweets, FB posts and blog posts highlighting the halal haram of certain establishments or certain products.

From my observation, most of these posts came from people who didn't bother doing their research properly. Hence, the news became viral, spreading uncontrollably from screen to screen. By the time said establishment or company issues a statement to declare their innocence (or give any type of confirmation) it's already too late. Funnily enough, these same people either don't bother spreading the truth when it comes out or just don't care to know about it at all.

I once looked up the ingredient stated in a particular product which so-called made it 'haram'. I really don't remember which ingredient it was, but I do remember that the product was a soft drink and said ingredient konon2nya had pig fat in it.

When I looked it up, I found out (unsurprisingly) that this ingredient DID NOT CONTAIN ANY TYPE OF FAT AT ALL, PIG OR OTHERWISE. Obviously, I sent the info to the person who was spreading the message at the time, but what about the others who had already told all of their friends? The damage had been done, and all because people refuse to look up a few simple facts.

Come on, people. We live in the age of Google and Wiki. Use them.

As for these establishments, spending less than 10 minutes verifying that they're halal by browsing JAKIM's website or better yet, calling them up really is worth the hassle.

Then no one can accuse you of fitnah, right? And you can rest easy and be assured that the establishments you frequent are indeed halal, and the food and drinks are safe for your consumption. Isn't that better than listening to the grapevine and causing damage to innocent people?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bila Orang Gaji Tak Sedar Diri.

Yes, I said it. Orang Gaji. If you knew me well, you'd know I don't use such a term. Pembantu, maybe. Helper. I don't even like using the term "Maid". Tak taulah kenapa but that's not the issue here.

What would you do if your maid:

1. Was overheard badmouthing one of your children to someone on the phone?

2. Refuses to wash dishes that anyone else leaves in the sink besides yours (the person who pays her) and hers?

3. Leaves food overnight under the tudung saji and without even reheating or making sure it's still good, feeds your children and grandchildren with it?

4. Walks up to your menantu and rudely kicks anything near her to show that she's angry just because he threw away some overly dirty cloth that she keeps using to wipe clean dishes with?

5. Hides food from your children and grandchildren so only you and she can enjoy it?

6. Stuffs her face every single chance she gets?

7. Dengan kurang ajarnya proclaims to your daughter that people have been talking about how bongkak and sombong she is?

8. and on top of all that: GETS PAID DOUBLE WHAT ANY NORMAL PEMBANTU GETS PAID, and yet does half of what they do?

Well, I would probably beat the shit out of the bitch and kick her out on her FAT ASS.

Apparently some (one person in particular) wouldn't do the same thing.

She would rather tell her children and grandchildren to stop disturbing her maid or move out.

And trust me. What I've listed down is only the tip of the iceberg.