Friday, March 25, 2016

Of mothers

Yesterday, I texted the husband and at 2pm and told him I was already knackered. My mornings are usually spent making sure Ilyas is bathed, fed and happy, and preparing lunch for both of them and myself before kakak gets home. It's not that simple when the 10mo is screaming for attention all the time though.

Kakak gets home at noon, at which point I make sure she uses the bathroom, get her changed, prepare her lunch and make sure she eats, then prepare adik's lunch and feed him, and endure the screaming once his lunch is over and I need to clean up both their plates. Luckily when kakak is around to entertain him, he's more quiet.

Yesterday after both their lunches, kakak announced that she had to do a numero dos. And then after I put her in there, I heard straining from the living room because it appears that my children like to do that in tandem. So off I go to change him and meanwhile kakak is done and has to wait for adik to get clean first.

So I get both of them cleaned up and I'm just about to sit down and eat when adik starts screaming and kakak asks for some chocolate milk. I get up and shush adik while I give the milk to kakak. And then sit down again and texted my husband.

Today, my mom and very pregnant sister came over to the house to spend time with the kids. So while they're there I get Hana's lunch ready but she refuses to eat it at first because it's hot. So my sister and I have lunch while my mom puts ilyas down for a nap. Then I feed Hana.

And then once Hana is done and her plate is washed, I prepare ilyas's food, sit down to feed him. my mom looks at me, looks at my sister and says "Macam tu lah, mak. Tak habis-habis kerja dia". Which is kinda true.

Some days I don't even know what I do all day, but I sure am tired at the end of the day. But then I realise that it's these small things. Preparing food, washing up, feeding them, washing up, cleaning them, changing them, picking up their toys so that they don't trip and fall over it. making sure they do homework, making sure they have enough to drink. Making sure they're clean, making sure they're adequately entertained.

It's kinda exhausting.