Sunday, June 14, 2015

Birthing Ilyas and My Second Experience at Pantai Hospital KL


It's been a while, obviously. I'm a mommy of two now, Alhamdulillah. It's been 40 tiring, sleep-deprived, anxiety-and-stress-driven, hormonal 40 days and I am finally free of my confinement and I now have some time to update about the birth experience.

Having had a traumatic experience with Hana, I was determined this time around to be more informed and do more reading on the process to make it easier for myself, Allah-willing of course. Read "A Guide to Childbirth" by Ina May Gaskin as well as "Hypnobirthing: The Mongan Method" by Marie Mongan (thanks to one of my besties for supplying that one to me). I also made sure that I had a better obgyn this time around. 

It turns out that said Obgyn is also from Pantai KL, which I wasn't too happy about at first because if you've been following this blog long enough, I once did a not-so-favourable review of the hospital, based on my first experience. However, this time they proved me wrong. 

I'm happy to report that my second experience with them was wonderful, and a total 180 degree turn from what I went through the first time. Anyway, back to that fateful day:

I woke up at 3am on the 5th, with a really bad tummy ache. Thinking that I ate something bad (the last few days were spent going to weddings and if I'm not mistaken I had something super spicy that night), I went to the bathroom and subsequently sat in there for almost half an hour with nothing to show for it. This was exactly what happened with Hana, and I started wondering if it was time, but the thing was, I was only two days away from reaching 38 weeks. Throughout the night though, that tummy ache came and went. 

With Hana, I woke the husband up and we immediately hightailed it to the hospital, but this time, based on the readings I did, I decided to go back to sleep. I woke up at 6.30 for my morning prayers and I calmly asked my husband: "Sayang, would you panic if I told you I think I'm in early labour?" his eyes widened in disbelief and we decided that he would work from home just in case. I insisted on us having a nice breakfast at Fikcles, my current favourite cafe that morning.

We sent Hana off to school anyway and informed my mama who would be picking her up later. Luckily it was Tuesday, the day she spends time at my parents' place every week. 

We had breakfast (at a different cafe, Fikcles was closed, BOOO!), went home to pack (yes, I know, SO last minute) and then went to the bank to withdraw some cash for the deposit. I was feeling the rushes all this while, so yes, I was definitely in labour. But let me tell you, it's so much easier to bear when you're up and about. You barely feel it, as opposed to when you're strapped down to a bed.

So at 10.30, I finally called my Obgyn's office and her nurse told me to check myself in since I was found positive of Strep B a few weeks ago and needed to be on antibiotics.


Checked into the labour ward, I had to be monitored for 30minutes so they could determine if I really was having contractions. I was. The 30 minutes were uncomfortable, to say the least. Meanwhile, husb is sent down to check me in.

Note: I'm continuing this post, like 3 months after I started it and I don't remember the timelines anymore :/

So later, I was told that Dr Premitha would be coming to check me, but I was allowed to go downstairs for a walk.

We then decided I'd have my last cup of coffee for a while and hung out at Starbucks. Around 1.30 (I think), we went back upstairs and Dr was already there waiting for me. She told me it would be a quick check and that I can go back downstairs and walk around afterwards. She checked my opening and we were all surprised to find that I was 7cm dilated, at which point she changed her mind about letting me back out.

She left, I changed into the hospital gown and husband took out his laptop and put "Pitch Perfect" on (I'd read that laughing helps you dilate faster because it relaxes.. you know,, stuff). The whole time, I walked around the room and hung on to the husband's neck whenever the contractions came.

At approximately 3++, the midwife comes in and asks me if I feel the urge to push. I told her no and she said that I should let them know as soon as I do because they wouldn't want me to give birth before the Dr comes in to assist. We have a light chat and she leaves the room.

Not 15 minutes later, I have another contraction and it was hella strong! Hurt like crazy and for the first time, I felt like crying as I held on to the husband. He told me later that this hug was really different because I hung on to his neck like I was trying to pull him down. We immediately paged the nurses.

They told me to get back on the bed and lay on my side (didn't help much) and at this point, I start crying because it was so painful. They tell me that they need to check and see if they can feel the baby's head while a contraction was happening.

**** I wrote the above ages ago, and I really can't quite remember the details anymore T_T

but to cut things short, I felt like I had a team of cheerleaders helping me keep my morale and strength up! Dr Premitha was absolutely wonderful, and so were the team of nurses who diligently wiped my sweat, and helped my take sips of water in between contractions. The most pain I felt was during the "ring of fire" but overall it was a much, much better experience.

Let's review based on my 2011 post:

1. Admission and Labour Suite
Quick admission, didn't have to wait long at all. The only issue was that I couldn't get the type of room I wanted, but that was more because of the date (5.5.15 - everyone wanted to schedule their births that day)

2. Professionalisme (Nurses)
No issues - they were attentive, wonderful, encouraging. They answered my questions and requests really well and attended to my needs quickly and efficiently

3.Professionalisme (Doctors) 
Dr Premitha, as I stated was wonderful. I didn't even have that many questions to ask because she was always so informative and accommodating. Highly recommended, seriously. 

My son's paed, Dr Keri is also very very good (9 months later and we've stuck by her). She shows genuine concern for her patients and gives me all the information I need at every checkup. Very warm towards my baby as well. Also higly recommended. 

If you're looking for either type of doctor, please look these two up at Pantai. You won't regret it!

I have to say that the food has improved by leaps and bounds! Pretty yummy :)

5. General Service
Nothing's changed here, very good service and very polite as well

6. Discharge
Also very quick and efficient - no issues

Loved this second experience. Also, I've noticed they've increased the amount of baby rooms with the new wing. Suffice to say, I'm very happy with my experience this time around, and I would say it was well worth what we paid. So yes, I take back a lot of the things I said before, THIS is a top notch facility.