Friday, October 23, 2009

To Be Fair

Why I'M Blur..

I was on my netbook in bed, chatting to my husband on gtalk when my mom called, asking me if we wanted anything from McD for dinner. He's working late today so I told her I'd ask him and get back to her.

So I called him up.

Me: Sayang, mama tanya if you want anything from McD

Him: Takpela sayang, if I'm hungry by the time I'm done then I'll just drop by somewhere on the way and get something for myself.

Me: Oh, okay. I'll let her know then

Him: You're not in front of the computer ke?

Me (unthinkingly): Eh? You said something and I haven't replied eh? I am, but I was reading something. K la..

Him: Ermm..okayy..

And after I hung up, I realised what he meant: I should've just typed on gtalk la kan buat apa nak call2 suma?


Ok, love, we're even now.. Happy? :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Why My Husband is Blur

Him: What are you doing?

Me: Watching 'Jane Austen Book Club'

Him: Jane Austen? Sounds familiar...
Romance novels?

Me: Her books are classic sayang. OMG

Him: Hmm? Oh yeah...

Me: I cannot believe you just categorised Jane Austen as a romance novelist!

Have you ever read a romance novel?
This is coming from a TESL grad with a minor in literature, ladies and gentlemen


Saturday, October 10, 2009

We Don't Need Good Samaritans, Just People With Common Sense

Tonight, I witnessed something that convinces me further of just how flawed human nature is. We were leaving uptown damansara after my mother picked up some food for the people at home when we saw an old(ish) man fall down at the side of the road. The spot where he fell infringes on the middle of the road where the cars usually drove past. Concerned, we slowed down, intending to stop and give a helping hand. He was accompanied by his wife and she had just managed to pull him up when he fell down for the second time.

At that point, we stopped by the other side of the road, quite hastily and my husband jumped out of the car to help him up (for those of you who don't know, I recently had an operation and I am unable to even walk very fast, let alone "jump"to anyone's rescue.

Just as my husband scrambled to get the car door open, the car behind us attempted to ZOOM past, despite the fact that a man had very obviously fallen for the second time and that he ran the risk of being hit and severely injured. In exasperation,my husband of course gestured for the bugger to WAIT LAH ASSHOLE (not quite so eloquently, but those are the choice words I would LOVE to spew into his face had I been able to), ran across, helped him up off the middle of the road and escort him and his wife to his car.

Before I talk about that idiot driver behind us, I just feel like sharing something.

I had already felt slightly sad at watching this man fall twice and seeing his wife struggle to pull him up. When they were about to walk towards the car, the man turned his body to where our car was in order to grab a hold of my husband's hand, and my heart almost broke. The look on his face somehow opened up memory gates. His expression looked EXACTLY the way my late-grandfather looked, after he started getting sick. He looked confused, embarassed, in pain, helpless, vulnerable. And I cannot even begin to describe the way I felt when I saw him.

Anyway, to that driver, shame on you. You don't even need to be a good samaritan. You just have to have common sense. Does that parking spot or whatever crap it was you were rushing towards that just couldn't frigging wait really worth someone else's life (and car door, but that isn't the issue here)? Are you just so completely stupid or are you just that cold-hearted? Ugh.

So after my husband brought him back to his car (kesian, the family had just arrived and were about to have dinner. Needless to say, they cancelled their plans and either went home or to a doctor) we found out that the uncle had had a stroke or something before which had rendered him weak and unable to speak. Before my husband left his side, the uncle looked at him and nodded a few times. My husband turned to his wife and she said "Dia nak cakap terima kasih"

I hope he turned out okay.