Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just when I thought I had it

You had to pull another 180, didn't you? Well, go ahead and make your day. Don't mind me. I'll move on and find my own life. One down doesn't mean my life is over. You gone doesn't mean I'll die. I don't need your self-righteousness. I don't need you.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Funny thing is...

You almost did. But then you upped and threw it all to the wind. It blew it my way so I'm grateful for that. In a way, I should thank you.

Monday, August 25, 2008

High School Never Ends

It never does. You think that when you step out of that building you've been coming to for 5 or more years, you're stepping out of all that backstabbing, cliques, all things superficial and all that childishness that comes with it.Truth is, you're walking out of one high school into another. Going into college or university, you're thrown into the very same situations that you were at in high school. Some people actually develop the maturity and grace to know how to walk out of it this time without getting hurt, but the rest of us are just as stumped about how to deal with this limbo as we were back in the day.
People who feel left out and insecure for no reason at all seek to make others feel even more insecure and left out than they do, just so that they feel better about themselves. People are alienated from certain "groups" and don't even know it, just because. Not because they've done anything wrong or anything. They're "just not part of us".
And then, just when you think you're SO done with all this immaturity, you step out into the working world, and guess what? Your high school decided to drag itself along behind you too! People judge you based on your race, your clothes, the way you speak and when you're not up to their level, or maybe way above their level, "Don't call us, we'll call you" which means lunches alone, snide comments and remarks behind your back, alienation, and dirty, oh so dirty looks your way.

So for those of you stuck in that limbo, I feel for you, seriously, because I see and face it too.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


The ticket that saved my life

I am SUCH a scatterbrain!!
I went to Shah Alam Mall today for a (so-called) study group with a friend and guess what? I lost the bloody parking ticket! We searched high and low for it but couldn't find it ANYWHERE!

I was just about to give up and pay the RM20 when I spotted a mangled looking parking ticket lying on one of the parking lots (which had a pickup parked on it) and so I crawled UNDER THE PICKUP TRUCK and took it. Turns out it wasn't mine. Soomeone who came in at 10 o'clock must've dropped it and I rationalised that since it's been 7 hours already, the person must've left. (i hope). then again, the ticket looked mauled and battered so I doubted that it would even be accepted on the machine.

Just my luck, the machine accepted it! i had to fork out an extra 4 ringgit, but it was better than having to spend an extra 17 for the lost ticket!

Give it some thought...

Call to Open Uni to Non-Bumis slammed

Why, is that fear I see lurking behind those self-righteous cries?

'Malays are underrepresented in Higher Learning Institutions'

True, true, true, I admit.

But why, though? Have they ever thought of that?

Why, oh why is it that 37 years after the NEP was set up, the Malays still need special privileges in order to get ahead?

Is it because we've gotten a tad too comfy with all these goodies the govt throws at us?

I mean, really.

'Ma, I can't get that scholarship you wanted me to get because my grades are just so-so. Oh, and the more prestigious unis won't accept me either. Darn those non-MALAYS (mind you. those protests were geared more to protect MALAY rights than BUMIPUTERA rights. There is a difference, you know). They're just so smart and hardworking andnow I can't get my rightful place in those unis. Pray tell, ma, what can I do?'

'Oh, don't worry hon. There's always UiTM. Only MALAYS, oops, Bumiputeras are allowed into UiTM, y'know. And even if they don't really want to accept you, don't worry about it. Makngah's neighbour's cousin is really good friends with one of the higher-up admin people. We'll use that cable to get you in(this does not apply only to UiTM, but to most unis everywhere.'

'Yay! Now I can just laze through my courses, not study, not show up for class, hand in my assignments late and go party all night long and all day long!'

A little harsh? Maybe
But can you tell me it isn't true?

I know many people who really appreciate their chance to be in the university, me being one of them. I work hard to get to where I am right now and I resent looking at all those people who think that they're too cool for school, show up for 5 out of 20 classes and still pass the subject because people are too weak to uphold the rules.

I think that these people who don't really care that they've taken the place of others who would really do well and appreciate the opportunity of actually getting an education should be booted out.

Scratch that. I don't think they should be booted out, I think they shouldn't even have been accepted in the first place. What a waste of space.

So why not? Why not give 10% to non-bumis? some of them may need it and want it WAY more than some of us do.

And maybe, just maybe, instead of sleeping through the whole course of their studies, more students will be more vigilant and aware that should they fail to perform up to certain standards, well, their precious spot might just be yanked away from under their feet and given to someone else more deserving.

Maybe, just maybe, the bumis will learn to sit up and THINK and actually DO. Maybe they'll wake up and start fending for themselves instead of relying on subsidies and special privileges.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

National Schmational

I went to the National Library on Saturday. Now, before some people (I think you know who you are) are compelled, by this admission, to look at me and shout "Geek!" to my face, let me explain that this was the very first time I ever stepped foot into that building and the reason I did so was because it was closer to my house in KL than coming back all the way to Shah Alam in order to research my Ae.

My first impression was alright. It had a semi-confusing parking lot which winds all the way to the back of the building. Parking was full. This is good, because that meant that the library is not just a towering white elephant that gathers KL dust.

Since it was my first time, I had to register at the front desk, which sort of impressed me in a way, since the service was fast and efficient. My registration got through in no time and when the clerk announced that they didn't give out library cars and that our ic numbers were keyed into the system and that was all we needed, I was even more impressed. Wow, an actual use for the chip in our MyKAd.

And then I stepped into the chaos.

No proper signs were erected to help us poor first-timers know where we were supposed to go. There were counters where you could ask but some of us (read: me) are just to shy for that kind of stuff. This meant that I was walking around, up and down 3 flights of stairs wondering what kind of library had only journals and magazines and no books. That was until I spotted signs that there was another wing in the building and figured out that it was probably where all the books were.The labelling (Dewey Decimal System person thingy) was NOT used properly. I was looking for a book with the serial number 615.85blablabla and I found 3, THREE, separate, racks, far FAR away from each other. One had the word R in front, so that was my bad that I got lost there since my serial number did not have any alphabets in front. The others, though, did not. Again, I walked round and round searching for the right racks.
Not everything was bad la... I mean, while the people who wanted to photostat a lot of materials had to buy a card and do it themselves, those who had 20 pages and below could make their way to the express lanes where the professional and competent workers are ever at your service to do the dirty work for you.

And not to say the service was bad. It was quite good actually and although I didn't actually go to the counters to ask, I noticed that those who did were met with ready smiles and great service.

So honestly, barring the chasing of the wild geese, I'd say that my experience really wasn't that bad... Then again, I still think it's crucial that they have proper, clear signs so that people coming in wouldn't HAVE to go to their service counters if all they want is a lousy book! I mean, seriously,that is kinda what the OPAC is for...

Monday, August 11, 2008

So anyway, this is what would happen if my husband ever EVER got his hands on a PSP of his very own (which he has been DROOLING after).

Image courtesy of Ctrl+Alt+Del
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